Monday, January 21, 2019

Are You Still Here?

Yes I'm still here. I have been offline since late September- early October though, other than what I can do from my phone. There have been a variety of changes and occurrences through the past few months. It's not good or bad. I just know that there isn't going to be an explanation right now.

It really seems to be a rotating event around here though. I write for a while, and then disappear for a while. But it is at least something for me to do.

I have been helping to run the Critter Craft Swap rounds for a facebook group. I have been enjoying that, as it is an interesting thing to watch. It is focused on the idea of creating fan art for the Critical Role campaigns.  You can see some of what we have done here on the Craft swaps blog.

I have also been participating in different instagram craft swaps. Right now I have joined a swap based on the 90's. I am very excited about that. Mainly because it is something that is both familiar and fun.

And then we're going to be trying to run a dungeons and dragons themed craft swap.

Anyway for now, things are going to be hit and miss. But now I've checked in. That is nice, right?

Monday, November 26, 2018

Music Monday : Topic Unknown

After finishing the personally imposed alphabet challenge I am not really sure what to select as an inspiration for picking songs. I could go back to going by genre, or I could just pick it based on how I feel. But I don't know right now.

The holidays are coming and that has me a bit worried but hey, they'll end soon enough.

The Odd Couple - Friendship

Ruby Gloom - Theme Song

Chameleon Circuit - Teenage Rebel

Emerald Rose - Chocolate Frog

Ministry of Magic - Marauder's Map

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Craft Swaps and Planning

I know that for a few months I haven't been as active here. I've been a bit preoccupied with working and sleeping. It's not an excuse I know. But I do have to sleep at some point. I know I have mentioned craft swaps before. I really do enjoy doing them, and they let me try to be part of something. Plus I don't have to worry about if I've already made it for them. (Not that I've been making much for people close to me in a while... that's a bit of a complicated thing)

I recently completed two swaps that were with groups. One was the #pumpkineverythingswap2018, the other was #myfavhalloweenmovieswap. I had a lot of fun working on the packages that I sent out. I also really enjoyed the packages that I received as well.

I'm going to post pictures of both my incoming packages and outgoing. It lets people have a chance to enjoy the swaps as much as I have. I'm always worried my partners will be disappointed in their packages, which is why often I try to make sure there are a good number of extras included. If you check the gallery you can see some of the packages I've sent out in the past.

I'm currently working on two private swap packages, as well as helping my boyfriend create his package for the critter craft swap c1.1 round. I'll probably post about these packages later on this month as I get them closer to completed.

But yeah, for now. I'm just tired. So I'll post the pictures soon. I have to figure out how to get them on to the blog from my phone.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Perfume Testing or That Smells Interesting

I now that I haven't been talking much about what I've been up to. But I have a good excuse. I was working my seasonal job on top of my regular job since mid august. So I haven't really had a lot of time to write. Plus I did disconnect the internet in the apartment. But that's a story for another day. Today I want to tell you a little bit about the  perfumes I've been testing out.

There are a lot of perfumeries out there. That is one thing that I have found is a big huge fact. Each shop is different, while they do have similarities at times. But each one has a unique variety they offer, which has enabled them to build a fan base.

I've already written about this shop, so I don't see a reason to delve too far into it today. But I am quite fond of BookPourri already. I look forward to seeing what other new scents she comes up with in the future.

The bottles are labeled beautifully making it easy to know what you're about to test. But I am still not sure how I feel about them. My favorite of the group I've been testing so far is Woodland Birthday. At the end of the day it had a light vanilla cake and pine like scent on me although I cannot recall if that was the intended result.

The Green Thistle
I fell in love with the Brighid scent. I chose Brighid and Cleopatra as my scents to test when I ordered. Cleo is a bit more spicy than I think I can wear. But I have been told to test things more than once in order to

Sugar Milk!
I only have one tester from this shop, which is different from the others because it is like a miniature atomizer. This is both good and bad because I don't have to worry about spilling it all over. But I feel like the spray bottle uses more of the scent than if it was a wand bottle.

Andromeda's Curse
I ordered a few sample sets from this shop and loved how sweet the sweets were. I am looking forward to adding more from their catalog to my collection, although I am not sure I am brave enough to get a full bottle as that's a much bigger commitment. I'm not very good at committing to anything lately. I change things too fast.

Quill & Ink Alchemical Co.
These samples didn't have wands in them so they were a little more difficult to deal with. While the scent descriptors made the testers I selected seem appropriate for me, they didn't test the same. I'll try them again later on.

Aziza World
I ordered full sample collections of both the male and female variety from this shop to test. So it was a bit of a scent overload. I'm still not sure on what I got into here. It has been sat on the back-burner as I sort through some of the smaller groupings.

Skin Like Butter
I ordered 25 different scent samples from this shop and was actually quite surprised. While there were some scents that didn't work for me, the number of scents that would was far higher. One of the winners was definitely Waffle Cone though. Very sweet and... summery.

Salmonberry Dreams
I ordered the set of all the scent memories. They are intriguing and varied. Included with the samples is a small booklet describing what the scent invokes and represents, giving more depth to each scent and meaning. I am not sure that the whole line works for me. But I love her Pilot Bread scent. (go figure. another food scent)

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab
This is probably the most well known name on the list. Or at least the most common one to be seen on my Facebook feed. They are popular. While I do not have a lot of samples of their scents, fromt he ones I do, as well as the pleasure I've had in smelling their work on others, I find this one enjoyable.

Akima Botanicals
I only have a couple samples from this shop. I think I got them from someone else and I have no idea what their catalog actually looks like.

Valley of Field Herbals is The Way of the Gypsy
I have a number of scents from this shop and  have had a lot of compliments on a number of them. I'm generally interested in the foodie or gourmand scents (Hah I have learned something about this as I've been going along). I tend to wear the Cranberry Chutney scent frequently, and people like to say that it smells like candy.

The Handmaiden's Garden
This shop is one that I purchase from when we got tot he renaissance fair at Sterling.  I love their Irish Stout scent, as it smells cakey and sweet to me. My boyfriend loves their Beggar's Blend. Actually, we both do. It smells differently on both of us. But the leather note is noticeable whether it's on him or me.

I am sure that I'll be trying a few other shops in the near future. In fact, I have an order out right now for some from another different shop. I am looking forward to the new test round, although to be honest I hope I managed to avoid anything that will be too green. The green ones don't seem to agree with me.

Have you got a favorite perfume shop? What kind of scents do you like?

Monday, November 12, 2018

Music Monday : still here

I know that of late we have been a bit wishy washy as far as posting on a regular basis. It's been a work in progress this year. I have to say that I am proud to have finished the alphabet challenge I gave myself. Even if it was a bit silly.

November is here though, and with that being said, Holidays are creeping closer. This is neither good nor bad. It is just a fact. But I don't know how I want to go about dealing with this information. Mainly because there isn't a lot to be said.

I don't have kids personally. So I don't have much to talk about when it comes to toys, or what not that may be important to many.

I guess I'm feeling a little bit blue.

But that's ok. Today is Monday, and technically I don't have work because it is a Holiday. But I'm going to put some time in doing other things.

The music for today was a bit hard to pick. I've sat here poking around in my brain and not really come up with a direction that I wanted to go in. So... yeah.

Three Dog Night : Joy To The World

4 Non Blondes : What's Up

Earth, Wind, & Fire : Sing a Song

Peter Paul & Mary : I dig Rock n Roll Music

Bobby Vee : Rubber Ball